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Felix Navidad: A Very Merry Winter’s Joy Special


Winter's Joy is a heartwarming holiday celebrated during the festive season, where people come together to spread cheer and happiness. It is marked by the Winter's Joy Ball, a delightful event that features a lively dance, a potluck feast, and a table decorating contest, all of which foster a sense of community and camaraderie. Additionally, the holiday encourages the exchange of thoughtful gifts, as participants embody the spirit of giving and demonstrate their appreciation for one another. What a wonderful time of year, full of festivities, merriment, and free of conflict… right? Right?!?


On the eve of Winter’s Joy, as celebrants prepare themselves for the festivities to come, Novus’s very own beloved rapscallion, Felix Ferretus, prepares for the holiday in his own special way. An unwavering collector at heart, Felix is willing to go to great lengths to expand his collection, and this ambition drives him to make a bold move. At the same time, an ancient evil long believed vanquished emerges, casting a dark cloud over the holiday season: one that threatens to ruin Winter’s Joy forever. Will Novus experience a merry Winter’s Joy or will this mark the beginning of a new era of hell on earth? Find out this December at Vanguard’s very merry Winter’s Joy special! Oh, and did I mention that Father Winter is coming to town to give special items to all who attend?

This Game is Located at Camp McNeill Cub Range Trail, White Oak, NC 28399. When you enter the park, you should take the left fork and follow that road for a while past a lake and over a small one lane bridge until you reach the large sign into the parking lot. Once in the parking lot there is a path that you can take past some teepees and a pond on your left. You should see the fort ahead towards your left.

Adult Ticket to the Dec 1-3, 2023 Event

SKU: 01Adult
  • If you purchase this ticket, you must complete OR have previously completed the player code of conduct, waiver, and covid policy forms. The fastest way to find these forms is to create an account; there are links posted there! Failure to complete these documents will render this ticket not valid. 

  • Refunds for ticket sales are available up until the Monday before the event.

    Tickets may be transferred to other events up until the Thursday before the event.